We offer a wide variety of professional window tinting services


Car window tint shields your eyes from the sun’s glare, guards your personal privacy inside your vehicle, protects you car’s upholstery and your skin from UV rays.


Home window tint decreases your summer cooling costs, Protects your furniture and carpet from harmful UV rays, and adds privacy to your home while allowing some sunlight in.


Tinting your office protects against solar energy for improved comfort while working, provides impressive energy savings, and protects your furniture and electronics from ultraviolet damage.


Bubbling film is caused by natural deterioration of the underlying adhesive. Once you spot your first bubble, you can be sure that more will appear soon enough.

Quality Window Tinting at Affordable Prices!!! Check Us Out!!!

At The TintMan, it is our goal to provide quality window tinting services at reasonably low prices. Prices start at $50 for customers only needing two doors done with 27% SC compliant film. Prices start at $110 for most cars done with 27% SC compliant film. The TintMan has over 15 years experience tinting windows. We take pride in offering a high level of customer service. We, by no means, advertise perfection in window tinting. We do strive to do our very best on each job we take on. There are many variables (pollen in the air, cleanliness of the vehicle, age of the vehicle) that affect the final appearance of the film. We stand behind our work and definitely want the customer to be satisfied.

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